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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 19, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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welcome back to fox 45 early editioo. 5:30 is the time. you are looking at what is left of an aaartment complex after tuesday's nnght storms ripped through our area. now being confirmed as a tornado, that is the top flor of the partment's complex. as you see, there's no roof. many of walls are caved in and
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residents who used to live in those homes wondering today what they do next. we are going to have much more on hat story cominn up in just a few minutes. good morning, i'm patrice harris. it's friday, and because it's friday, that means it's your tuun to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. let us know what is on your mind %-facebook feedbacc segment.on just go to to become a fan and join the conversation. and now let's check in with meteorologist steve ferttg and get a ook at our weekend %-welccme to theeweekend? i tell you, no major wwather concerns at all, good news,3 we're going to deal with cooler temperatures, patrice, going to be a clear day, a lot of sunshine, take a look at the temperatures. baltimore, 40 degreessin salisbury. cooler up toward haaerstown and wilmington, delaware in the mid-to upper 30s there. it's going to be cooler thann3 average with clear skies. we are seeing a few upper level
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clouds and snow showers you see to the north up in new york state stay out of our way. that is due to a low pressure center or a clipper moving across that part of the country. 40 degrees at the bus stop. cool than it's typically where we drop this time of year. 48 degrees at noon. and 58 degrees at 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon and drop back to 46 at 6:00 p.m. with a few clouds mixed in. the roadways with candace dold. >> reporter: good morning, pp steve. it's off to a rough start for people who are traveling on 295. that's beccuse there's an accident that completely shuts down the southbound lanes of 295 at route 198.3 let's take a look back at route 32 and we don't have brake lights. i can ttll you that the conggstion starts forming after this exittask eventually toward the flashing activity. use 95. in fact, that is in the clear, from the beltway down toward
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route 32, 11 minutes at 58 miles per hour. the fork fort mchenry tunnel tod the beltway, and the ffom the harbor tunnel down toward 95, only a 9 minute clip, only 53 miles per hour there. that's a look at the morning commute. what arofficials declare tus night storm as a tornado. this comes as no surprise to many who have seen the devastating damage left in its path. roofs torn off of homes and trees uprooted and torn. for the first time some residents are finnlly wwking up at this morning. megan gilliland is live from th3 village apartmeet building where they are still assessing the >> reporter: patrice, it's still several days since the tornadoowent through. and when you take a look at damage bind it stills takes your breath away. i don't know you realize how
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huge thoseetrees were. and this happens to be one of the buildings where the roof was blown off. nothing over this building here. something else you will notice how light it is ut hhre at 5:30 in the mmrning. police have lit these streets3 and they are circling patrolling -hese areas making sure people don't loot these homes that are left empty. these residents were able to come back to their homes for the first time yesterday to assess the damage to their homes and even their cars. many of these residents have ssattered windows, trees coming through your walls and debris all over the place. several of thhm don't even have a roof anymore. of the townhomes in this community, 16 have been condemned affecting a total of those residents were abll to visit their homes and whatevvr is left of them. escorted they could gather what they could carry, just a few valuables from inside.
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>> i lived thru on through one s many fewerries and i will never forget it. >> some these people do not have renters insurance and for them, they have lost everything that the mayor has established a fund for those affected by these tornado. the ownnrs of the complex already gave $10,000. if you would like to ddnate just go to links. if you look around, you can see just how much damage was donee3 and how much was lost. one thing i think everyone can -e thankful for is not one life %-we're live in northeast baltimore this morning, i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. a baltimore grand jury indicts a man accused of impersonating a police officer so he could molest a teenager. 47 years old mark citto is facing charges including sexual abuse of a minor and 3rd degree sex offensee he pretend to be a police
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officer and told the victim'sú family was trying to catch child predators. the family reportedly allowedded boy to stay at citro's house so he could walk to school. the molestation went on for more a federal officer accused of killing a dog at a dog park goes he ccused a public outroar when hh shot a siberian huskey called bear, bear. he said that the dog was attacking his wife. the owner said that the dogs were playing around and the officer never gave them aachanne to pull their dog away. he is charged with animal cruelty and firing a gun in a public place. funeral services for mack ú%wis will take place at the morgan state university campus. later in the afternoon, a portion of broadway and eggert street will be dedicated as mack
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lewis way. lewis died last week. lockheed martin decides to curve manufacturing operations at riverside. that means 60 people will be out of the job by the end of next year. the defense contractor says probses in middle rivvr were limited to a missile launch system and the number manufactured over the last year has steadily decreased. the site will stay open and more than 450 people in anagement, research and design positions will continueeto work there. prince george's county residents want eslie johnson out before she even officially takes her new counsel seat. she won the election for the district 60 earlier this monnh, but now she is caught up with the corruption investigation with her husband, outgoing jaak johnson. both were arrested last monday. residents have started an online petition tryiig to prevent her
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from taking her seat. but officials say there's no state law preventing her from being sworn in nnxt month? want to avoid a ticket, there's an app, for that. it acts as a radar detech or and tells users about rrd light cameras and dangerous intersections. it uses gps nd internet services to get the information, but at $170 the app isn't cheap. you would have to avoid 5 tickets for it would be worth your while. it cast a spell over a young generation of book lovers, it introduced to words, and it made for an easy halloween costume. part 1 of the finale hit threaters at midnight and joelld smith talked to the first fans out of the buildiig. heeis live in whitemarsh and joel, what are they saying? do they ike, do they not like
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it, does it stick to the book, details, details, joel. of all, they lovv the movie. that is what you want to hear. these are critical fans who are willing to give up their sleep. it sticks pretty close to the book as well. bbware, this is only the first of 2 parts of the grand finale. >> your pareets are dead. reporter: as you can seee it is a very intense, ffnal act to all of this. the movie, the master villain, he is has the power this time and is ready to power harry and his friends. it's very intense, much mmre seriius than the first movies where it was fun and magic.ú the harry potter series was the most successful domestically, and worldwide it's more successful than the 23 jamess3 bond movies put together. that is why it inspires people
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to give up their sleep and some ú%owing up in first ccstume. the first showing of harry potter showed at midnight. it stuck to the book just enough. the main criticism, it had to end. >> we never want it had to end and entertain the whole time. we're really sad. >> i'm looking forward to it enddng like the battle scene. >> yes, the battle scene. >> goodbye. >> reporter: , no, july. that is when the final installment, we think, is commng out. it's supposed to be the end. that is part two of the deathly hohollows. it's scary. from the reviews i've read you can do that. it's not woose than the other movies. it's gotttn more mature as they go through. >> they have, it's become more dark and brooding and intense
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for sure. people are looking past this one comes out in the summer.hich >> reporter: definitely. this he have bben coming out in the pretty good packs. the traditional showing, ttey had a 315 showwng that is getting out any seconn. curious what theyyre going to do the rest of the day. we will talk to them and see what they think as well. 8:45 and 9:15, they're going to try to make as much money off of this and offer as many shows. >> they will make money that is for sure. joel, thanks. coming up on the early edition, the tragic death of a baby boy. >> let me take his place. >> why the child's mother fears the person who killed him won't be adequately punished. it should be a pretty day for squidish, or whatever harry potter plays, scrabble. cool start.right now, it's a it's rule the tweet.
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a couple of snow flakes out of our way into pennsylvania, too. that won't come our way. high pressure is going to keep us dry. 44 degrees is the temperature in baltimore and cooler in d.c. at 38 degrees. up in hagerstown 38. it will be a chilly ssart, although temperatures typically are down around 34 degrees for the low for this time of year. the high pressure brings us plenty of sunshine today. we will enjoy that. warm us up a whole lot. %-around the high that will keep us cool in the low 50s. 52 degrees for the high temperature. about 2 to 3:00 this afternoon.3 it will get breezier as we sit
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betteen the low pressure and the high pressure center. that lowwis the clipper that is moving across the .s. bringing us showers up toward new england. it remains sunny tomorrow and we're talking about milderú temperatures as we get in toward the next workweek along with high preesure thaa moves off to the east. what we wereetalking about is yesterday and the couple of days before that is a chance of3 flurries. it looks like the jet stream is going to hold to the north and mild side. cold air stays to the north. it may sneak in but after the low passes. it will get chillier once we get past the beginning of that weekend and it won't be bringing us anything more than dry conditions at that point. 52 degrees for the high temperatures today. that is in the eastern shore with plenty of sunshine with a 5-155mile-an-hour wind. central part of the state climbs
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to 54 degrees with a northwest wind at 5-10 miles per hour. back to the west, high temperature here, of 0 degrees with a lot of sun and a few clouds, west winds 5-10 miles per hour. tonight, 33 degrees under clear skies, it will be chilly, with a southwest wind at 5-10 miles per 58 tomorrow still with plenty of sunshine. 52 for sunday with more cloud cover. that will keep the ttmperatures down a little. -hen the temperatures bouncee as we get a more southwesterly flow. it could be a couple of degrees warmer and because of the warmer temperatures only rainnhowers as the low pushes through. tuesday night into wednesday and thursday still showers left over, but staying in the 50s for wednesday and for thanksgiving day. it looks a little chilly either that or he is nervous for some reason. here is candace dold with the traffic edge. >> reporter:: i think it's a mixture of both.-we are talkingl speeds out there and quite a good mix. in fact right now on 95 through whitemarsh, 55 miles per hour but up to 64 miles per hour on
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the beltway scooting through parksville. there's however, trouble on 295. in fact, you will want to avoid the corridor because of a crash on the southbound lanes completely shutting down all southbound lanes right at route 198. it is route 32. congestion is starting to foom there. the delays stack up toward the flashing activitiment you will want to use 95 as an alternate route. back to 95, is in the clear 195, you can see it's the same deal, the traffic fllwing if hely in both directions. baltimore, 395 at the fort mchenry tunnel as well. inside of baltimore, there's a crash at west forest avenue, at windsor mill road.
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ú a mother fights for justice only to see it slowly slip away. joy lepola shows us how a daycare provider convicted of killing a baby coulddggt a soft sentence. by 9 months of age,, rev or aldridge had beaten the odds, or so it appeared. >> part of our miracle baby. >> reeorter: trevor was almost two months premature.
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his mother kelly never doubted the will of her child. she faced her challenges as she battled cancer. kelly knew if trevor was anything ike her, he was a survivor. when news came she was pregnant, the planning started. kelly knew she would be returning to work and would need she immediately called gale dobson, a kelly had known for 20 years. she knew dobson as a woman people in the community trusted. >> i didn't just choose a daycare provider out of the newspaper. i didn't juut pick one out of the yellow pages. i took time as to who i wanted for him. >> reporter: it's a decision kelly may regret making for the rest of hee life. >> i know i spoiled him. i didn't have a set schedule, because i just saw like he was a
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baby and when he wanted to sleep, i let him sleep. when he wanted to play, i let him play. we just kind of rolled with ii. >> reporter: within two days of being in dobson's house hee3 was on life support. >> i begged god to let me take hissplace or just let me die next to him. i don't want to live in this world without him. >> reporter: trevor died withinndays. doctors later testified that trevor's death was no accident but a homicide. >> we were told that trevor had been shaken and that this was worse than even if had fallen off of a 3 story building. >> reportee: prosecutors charged gale done sob with second-degree mmrder as well as child abuse. in august, a jury found her guilty. she was supposed to be sentenced
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earlier this month, but that didn't happen. >>the stakes of sentencing are very high. >> rrporter: glen ooens is 1 of two attorneys now representing dobson. he did not represent the former daycare provider t trial. >> naturally we have concerns. >> reporter: and so does the judge who is now questioning the jury's verdict in whether there was enough evidence to prove ú%cond-degree murder. >> during the conference call the udge had instructed the defense and the state to be prepared at the sentencing hearing to address the issue of whether the evidence that was produced at trial was in fact sufficient to support the jury's verdict to a second-degree muuddr. >> i fear this happening too3 somebody else. >> reporter: during the trial dobson's attorney failed to make a routine but key motion for acquittal arguing a lack of evidence on the murder charge. his second misstep came when a motion for a new trial wasn't fileddin a timely manner. >> there's nothing as far as i'm concerned going on here other than that. there's going to be an appeal
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regardless of the sentence that the court imposes. >> rrporter: as owens prepares to fight for dobson's predom. kelly questions from this woman accuse and convvcted of killing her son is getting what she considers a second chance. >> we're the ones who have lost so much, but yyt she has been given a lot more. the defense team, john gary and i who is cocounsel to the fact that there's a child who lost his life. by the same token we have a job to do and that is to advocate for gale dobson. coming up later on fox 45 morning news, harry potter is the biggest thing in threaters this weekend. absolutely not. >> i thought you would take it well. >> the dark turn taken in part 1 of the epic finale.
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but next, the ravens areú preppring to face the care ina
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gary williams and his maryland terps jumped to a 3-wrozero startt the coaches verses semifinalist. gary is not scaredment two of s. watch cliff tucker offer rebound. takes thh leng and u length andú basket. gary is liking what he sees so far in this one, but he didn't %-panthers in transition. sit on a 3 o 3-2 run. second halff terps running
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around. ú% goes to the basket and one serves within two, but pitchess3 bill gergilbert brrwn 79-70. 14 points to go with 13ú rebounds. morgan state in action against the big e proponent, too. they took on providence and took a 22-point beating. kevin thompson and shawn brook, a big night for providence. 22 points rebounce. they all of this 1-1 in the season. - bit of consternation, yesterday in owings mills. he never misses practice. everyone can relax, though. labor. we have no updates on whether she has given birth. while they're in duty, still being handle by committee. the kickoff duties are staying off where they need.
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the coach said that david reid will remain and he has managed over the 5 returns in the last tww games. ross burg likes what he has seen so far. >> you see things in the return that you would like to see the last week. the returns, i like the fact ú%at he went vertical anddi like ball by the time he play is over. the guys liking blocking for him. >> the game issa blessing. it's great to be a part of team >> that is the morning sports. i'm bruce cunningham, fox 45 morning news. no matter where you're from, we're looking for all of you ravenssfans to send us hotos, showing off your purple rule the tweet. rule the bedtime.
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